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Your monthly price will be a fixed subscription, just like your internet service. The difference is that we have no “data caps”. Once we agree on a price after analysing your requirements, it does not change no matter how many hours we put in. We BECOME your finance team and our full focus will be on the work, not counting hours. Our clients experience about a 60% saving on having an internal team with about 200% improvement in output. Our clients consider pricing when they sign up, but they stay for the quality we deliver!

Join with us. You are in good hands.

Industry Experts

Our team of professionals have experience working at some of the world’s best public companies and they also know how a bootstrapped startup should contain costs. We bring the world’s best practices, technology and expertise to you so you can compete with the big boys.

Fully Secure Data

The cloud based applications we employ are industry leading, third party and highly reputed. We never store your data internally. That makes it easier to transition your information and provides you with the peace of mind.


We are your finance department and we are your CFO. We love constant communication and you will never feel that we are actually not in-house.

Efficiency and Accuracy

We occupy the most current, industry leading software with bank grade security to process and store your data. You have access to company information and transaction backup through secure logins. No more cabinets full of documents and waste of time. And you can also save a bunch of trees along the way!

No Long Term Contracts

We charge you month to month on every 15th. For any reason, if you want to transition out, we will make it the smoothest transition ever. We use industry leading software in providing your services, so you will continue to have access to your data no matter what. We know the importance of your positive relationship and repeat business, so, we will continue to help you.

Completely Paperless

Your financial and HR information will be up-to-date, enabling you to see the current picture of your business. That will aid you to project the future accurately. Every bill, every receipt will be in place and electronically accessible. Your cap table will be updated to the minute, optionees and shareholders being electronically managed. Your fixed assets will be properly classified and your financial and policies will be in place. In short, we provide a level playing field to play, so you can focus on the game

What Customers say about us

  • Gary Sproule, Managing Partner - Paladin Multi Media Group
    When a group of business veterans acquired the ‘Santa Clarita Valley Signal’, the former operation had old-school systems and processes which were costing the company significantly. Part of the turnaround implemented by the new owners was to have a 21st century finance operation. “CFO Plans was an easy choice with their expert team and the fixed fee model. They set up all the required systems to run our back office from payroll and HR, to the GL systems and placed a dedicated team behind it. What I loved about it was the high touch service. CFO Plans runs it like it is their own business. Very pleased!”
    Gary Sproule, Managing Partner - Paladin Multi Media Group
    SC Signal
  • In our early days, we focused on the business growth rather than ‘secondary’ functions like Accounting, HR and back office processes. As we grew, it soon became obvious that those are not ‘secondary’ and in fact, essential to fuel the growth. ‘CFO Plans’ came to the rescue and boy, they did much more than a ‘rescue’. We now have a perfectly run back office with timely reporting, thanks to ‘CFO Plans’.

    Michael Nilsson, CEO
  • We leave nothing for compromise when serving our patrons. We wanted the same perfection with our back office. With a high volume of vendors, suppliers and employees, it is essential to have a team that can thrive under pressure and gets things done in real-time. CFO Plans is the perfect fit. From daily finance operations to management reporting, ‘CFO Plans’ handles it all. Amazing service, cost savings and top-notch quality. Getting ‘CFO Plans’ is one of all the things we did right!
    Greg See, CEO

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