Your current options

Hire an internal team with a big chunk of money spent on salaries, benefits, space, liability insurance and HR headaches.

Sign up for software service that promises a ‘do-it-all’ and have no transition flexibility, no agility and try to fit into their model and capabilities

Do it yourself and get bogged down in running your back office rather than your business.

“ It is a journey, so you have to pick the right ‘ride’, not the right ‘road-side assistance’”

Our Difference

"Let CFO Plans' globally qualified accountants manage your back office.
We bring quality and agility that will impress you at a price that will surprise you ! "

  • check_circleOur team is composed of globally qualified accountants. They all have a minimum of a Finance/Accounting degree from an accredited university. They are fully (Senior Staff) or partially qualified (Junior Staff) with global accounting qualifications such as CMA, CPA, CA, ACCA with few years of public accounting experience. In short, they know what they are doing.
  • check_circleCompletely internal. We never work with subcontractors. We are also a cohesive team that people may even think we are one big family.
  • check_circleOur team is thoroughly background checked and vetted. We have the type of people you want your kids to marry someday.
  • check_circleDid we say you get a team instead of a single person? That is right, you get a Controller and staff who will make running your back office their life’s purpose. No more sick days, vacation time or emergencies affecting your business.
  • check_circleWe pick only the most reputed and proven software that is right for the task at hand. So, you don’t have to pay for underutilized software. In case of a transition, it is ‘take home’ ready.
  • check_circle We set up communication channels so that you can be in touch with the team as much as you want and as often as you want. You will have direct access to the team via phone, email and chat lines. We use screen share software for more in-depth discussions. If anyone is working harder than you for your business, it will be CFO Plans team!

Questions? Our experts are here to help you and answer questions about how to build the best back office for your business.

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