A real life story – Braintrust

By Casey Gillam - Sales Manager at CFO Plans Inc.

Adam Jackson at Braintrust discovered CFO Plans through a mutual contact. He wasn’t thinking too much about his company’s accounting when he started his business in 2018, but when he discovered the benefit of joining CFO Plans, he was incredibly grateful.

As CEO, Adam was investing his attention on creating his brand and running his business. Braintrust is the first freelance talent marketplace that is owned by its users. It was a young company and needed to handle many details to get into the market and be competitive. Adam and his team had a laser-like focus on the operations and strategies for growth in the market. He had a working knowledge of accounting and understood his company’s finances well. Although he wasn’t directly managing the entire back-office functions at the time, he was overseeing enough of it to take him away from his strategic initiatives for his infant organization.

It wasn’t until a serendipitous encounter that led Adam to realize he could gain more by having less. The Sales Manager at CFO Plans showed Adam how his company could take away the stress of managing parts of the Braintrust back-office, and give back invaluable time to invest in the growth strategies for the future. He showed Adam that various members of Braintrust didn’t have piece together their back-office anymore. He quickly put together a finance team to be Adam’s complete back-office. A staff accountant, associate controller, and controller from CFO Plans would now handle every single detail, big and small, of Braintrust’s accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, compliance, reporting, and more.

Adam was thrilled with the results. The quality of his new accounting team was better than expected. His financial information was always delivered on time and was much more accurate than before. To his surprise, Adam noticed the cost for this service was much lower than expected. CFO Plans had set its prices fairly so that small and midsize companies could utilize the finance teams without devastating their profits.

“I’ve been really impressed with my back-office team so far,” said Adam. “They’re hard-working, friendly, accurate, and even suggest ways we can improve. It feels like I have my own employees working for me and I don’t even have to spend time managing them. This is the best return on investment I could have asked for.”


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