A real life story – Rasa Grill

By Casey Gillam – Sales Manager at CFO Plans Inc.

What’s more fulfilling than family, friends, and food? Not much, according to the founders of RASA Grill.

Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman grew up together since they were children as friends because of their fathers’ friendship. At gatherings, food always played an important role when the families met. Rahul and Sahil dreamed together of what it would be like to operate their own restaurant one day. So, it wasn’t a major surprise when they ditched their corporate careers after college to build a restaurant that grew into five separate entities. RASA (RAhul and SAhil; and we also found out that In Indian aesthetics, a rasa literally means “juice, essence or taste”) opened in the Washington DC area and has continued to grow the business since.

Through a mutual connection, Rahul and Sahil were introduced to CFO Plans as an opportunity to offload all of their accounting and functions surrounding it. They had the business education to handle the accounting themselves but quickly realized that taking this item “off their menu” meant they could focus time and attention on how to grow their business with continued success. In September 2018, CFO plans took over the entire back-office at RASA. For CFO Plans, adding a restaurant to its client base was not unusual. They had already secured multiple clients and partners across the hospitality and restaurant industry. These premium partnerships combined with the highest quality accounting proved to RASA that CFO Plans would manage all of the operational finances with excellence.

Rahul and Sahil have great business and restaurant intelligence to understand that the highest quality ingredients create the best outcomes. The same is true for running their business and adding the best partners to manage the areas they don’t need to run themselves. The partnership with CFO Plans has yielded positive results for both teams. Two years later, RASA has seen continuous growth due to strategic decision-making from Rahul and Sahil, and CFO Plans has gotten the order correct every single time.

Here is to RASA success!

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