Why Choose CFO Plans

  • Quality
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Agility

Globally qulified accountants

Our team is composed of globally qualified accountants. They all have a minimum of a Finance/Accounting degree from an accredited university. They are fully (Senior Staff) or partially qualified (Junior Staff) with global accounting qualifications such as CMA, CPA, CA, ACCA with few years of public accounting experience across various industry frontiers. In short, they know what they are doing.

Features we standby


Our team of professionals have experience working at some of the world’s best public companies and they also know how a bootstrapped startup should contain costs. We bring the world’s best practices, technology and expertise to you so you can compete with the big boys.


We are your finance department and your CFO. We love constant communication and you will never feel that we are actually not in-house.

Fully Secure

The cloud-based applications we employ are industry leading, third-party and highly reputed. We never store your data internally. That makes it easier to transition your information and provides you with absolute peace of mind.

Instant Access

We occupy the most current, industry leading software with bank-grade security to process and store your data. You have access to company information and transaction backup through secure logins. No more cabinets full of documents and a waste of time. And you can also save a bunch of trees along the way!

No Long Term

We charge you month to month on every 15th. For any reason, if you want to opt out, we will make it the smoothest transition ever. We use industry leading software in providing you services, so you will continue to have access to your data no matter what. We know the importance of your positive relationship and repeat business, so, we will continue to help you.


Your financial and HR information will be up-to-date, enabling you to see the current picture of your business. This will aid you to project the future accurately. Every bill, every receipt will be in place and electronically accessible. Your cap table will be updated to the minute, while optionees and shareholders will be electronically managed. Your fixed assets will be properly classified and your financial policies will be in place. In short, we provide a level playing field, so you can focus on the game - and you can also save a bunch of trees along the way!

Get a 30 minute consultation with
a financial expert

During your 30 minute consultation, our financial expert will determine
whether we're a fit by learning

  • Business goals and the current processes
  • Current software used for accounting and taxes
  • Your pain points
  • Current level of expenditure for running your back office and amount of time spent

    Talk to one of our financial consultants to see how outsourcing your back office with CFO Plans can help you regain the time you need to run your business. Fill out the form to schedule a conversation.