A real life story – Cleanshelf

By Casey Gillam – Sales Manager at CFO Plans Inc.

Every company has a story. An idea that started in someone’s head, a vision that gained momentum, an answer to a need, a path to execution. They have a life of their own with a birth, an education, periods of growth and decline, and, for some so far, a death. And the individuals running companies contribute to that story with their dedication to the craft, daily decision-making and long-term strategies, perseverance through the tough times, the authenticity they extend to their employees and customers, and a desire to improve constantly. Some companies have been alive for over a hundred years, many were just born. And there is no “right answer” for how the business must be run to be successful – just an unyielding determination to triumph every step of the way, whether tiny baby steps or goliath leaps.

Cleanshelf was founded in 2015 as a way for companies to automate and manage their Software as a Service. Dusan Omercevic had tremendous success at previous companies leading his teams to perform at the highest level in all facets. He had experienced what proved to be strategically advantageous and areas to avoid. Major wins and heartbreaking setbacks were welcomed as they both contributed to his knowledge of running a business as the CEO. Dusan had a vision for running Cleanshelf the right way from the beginning. His expertise and experience set him apart from novice leaders who might struggle with early decision making. He chose to set up Cleanshelf so it would prevail from the beginning and find success even during setbacks. A major component of starting the company off on the right foot was to establish a solid confidence in his entire back-office.

CFO Plans began a relationship with Cleanshelf while it was still in the pre-revenue stage. The accountants and controller worked diligently to set up their bookkeeping the right way from the beginning. They managed every area of the back-office expertly, which gave Dusan and his team every bit of confidence that their finances would be managed well. As Dusan had known the high-quality work that CFO Plans provides through other entities funded by the same investors, he was resolute in his choice to bring CFO Plans to the team. From the beginning, CFO Plans managed the back-office efficiently while Cleanshelf grew consistently. During the growth phase, Dusan could focus on corporate strategic initiatives rather than the accounting and all of the administrative tasks around it.

Cleanshelf continues to achieve success, and growth has never been an issue. Recently, the company hired an internal head of finance to support the company’s strategic growth. One part of this strategy was to transition their accounting to Netsuite, an industry-leading ERP. Without the technical wherewithal to make such a transition, this could be a daunting and time-consuming task. CFO Plans saw this transition through to completion seamlessly as their service teams had done countless times before without flaw. Cleanshelf knew the quality of the back-office services provided by CFO Plans was exactly what they needed, and the recent transition of systems and processes showed just how agile this team could be. That agility has proven to be of great value for Dusan and has continued to instill a strong confidence for his choice in CFO Plans. Cleanshelf continues to grow and solidify its market position, and CFO Plans adjusts the necessary resources accordingly.

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