Frequently Asked Questions

Price & Contracts

How do you determine the price?

We always go by the current volume and agree on a fixed monthly subscription. We take into consideration various factors like A/P volume, revenue transactions volume, number of employees, month end reporting needs, the internal workflow of the company and any other company specific needs.

When does the Billing happen?

Monthly billing happens on the 15th of every month for that particular month. It will be auto-debited from your bank between 15th – 20th of the month.

What if my volume increases?

We typically revisit the pricing every 6 months. Typically, it does not change. If you are a growing entity, it is normal to expect a volume growth and in that scenario, we will do a reasonable agreed upon price change.

What is my real saving?

Historically, we have saved up to 60% of having a conventional internal team or having a regular outsource service. On average, we save about 40% of your costs

Do you charge if I have a ‘backlog’ at the point of start?

Never. We do not charge catch-up fees, set-up fees or anything of that sort. We will just make an assessment of how long it will take to clean up any backlog and set your expectations right. On average, we are all caught up within a month.

What is the contractual commitment?

None. It is always month-to-month. You can cancel anytime with a 15-day notice. We are confident of our service quality and we have no reason to bind you to long term agreements. The agreement is to show the services, confidentiality clauses, and other standard legal notes, NOT to bind into a long commitment.

Quality Of Service

Who serves in the assigned team?

No matter what the size of the entity is, you will always have a minimum of a 3 people team. (sometime more, if the volume is high). The team composition is always a Controller, an Associate Controller, and a Staff Accountant. They are all highly qualified and at a minimum, holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting. Most team members have “big-4” background with a world-renowned professional accounting body affiliation (CPA, CA, ACCA, CMA )

You “Account Manager” is the assigned controller and he/she is a well-versed finance professional, not just a ‘Relationship Manager’.

How do I collaborate with the team?

Just like you would with an internal team ! We all work in the US Pacific time zone. It is like having your team sitting next to you at the office. We set up communication channels via Slack, email, phone, and conference calls with screen share. There is no limitation on daily communications. Our response time is within seconds or minutes and in real time.

You will know the assigned team individually, it is not an 800-number. It is a “high-touch’ service.


How do you fit into my unique needs?

This is where the assignment of dedicated mini-teams come in handy. We fit into your needs rather than you having to abide by our processes or internal restrictions. Each situation is tackled as per YOUR procedures and policies. Of course, we will help create those procedure and policies and advice in your best interest, but you are the decision maker.

Will you work with other employees of my company?

Certainly. Typically, we work with many different departments. This is similar to an internal finance team working with Marketing, IT, Operations teams.


What systems do you use for accounting?

For General Ledger: About 70% of our customers are on QuickBooks Online. We also work with many other client specific accounting software like Oracle, SAP, Yardi, Intacct, Xero. We are agile enough to utilize any system.

For other peripheral systems: We use, Gusto, Zenefits, Carta, CapShare, Clover, Square, Zoho, TaxJar, Expensify, and the list goes on.

What if I cancel the service?

Well, we will be sorry to see you go (not that we have seen any customer leaving so far in 4 years). But, we will make it the easiest transition ever. As you are on reputed third-party systems, the transition is as easy as changing the logins and a possible light training of the person taking over.